Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Android vs iPad Sales 48% to 52%

Similar to the history of  android phones vs. iPhone sales growth, Android tablets sales are approaching iPad sales. Android tablet sales are likely to surpass iPad sales this year.

A key reason for android tablet's strength is the multitude of products made by many vendors using the Android platform. The introduction of a new kindle fire by Amazon and other vendors updating their offering will propel this trend.

It is very tough for a single company to control the market with just one dedicated product line.

The article below discusses that the Android tablet is growing faster than iPad " In the year of 2012, Android holds a whopping 48% of all U.S. tablet sales, bringing Apple’s iPad into reach at just 52%"


Pew Research: Android Up to 48% of U.S. Tablet Sales, iPad Drops to Low of 52%
by: Tim-o-tato 10.02.12

A new study from the Pew Research Center has pegged Android at a spot in the tablet market that we didn’t think would come this early in the game. In the year of 2012, Android holds a whopping 48% of all U.S. tablet sales, bringing Apple’s iPad into reach at just 52%. Although, Amazon’s Kindle Fire accounts for a hefty 21% of Android’s tablet market success. And do keep in mind, these numbers do not reflect Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD sales yet.

The study also shows the world sales data, which differs quite a bit. According to the report, Apple still holds a commanding 61% of the world’s tablet market with Android coming in at a much lower 31%. But hey, things are looking up for Google’s Android. Once numbers are published reflecting the seemingly popular Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD tabs, these numbers are sure to change a wee bit.

14 Reasons for the Google Nexus 7 vs Nine Reasons for the Apple iPad 3 64GB
A detailed table is in the article.

An opposing view is at-
An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7
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