Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tablets,Smartphones, and SSDs Market Share of NAND in 2013

The Smartphones, Tablet PCs, SSDs Propelling NAND Flash Sales in 2013 report  discusses the percentages of NAND sales to the various end markets.  NAND demand is being impacted quite a bit by the growth of tablets that are replacing laptops.   iPad market grew fast and the pc makers have been marketing and testing out various tablet forms that are gaining acceptance.  Tablets are expected to reach 12% of the $30.0 Billion NAND flash market in 2013.  In addition, every Tablet has an SSD storage, so the growth of Tablets will lead to increased demand of SSDs.

More about Tablets are the new mobile (Tablets are the new mobile, the slide deck in the article shows the growth of mobile and Tablets in the Apple and Android eco-sphere. There are many other slides at the link below. The future of mobile was discussed in the April 15, 2009 Mobile Computing the Next Big Market article)

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