Tuesday, May 1, 2012

US Fabs Losing Their Edge. Really?

It is true that "As chip plants get pricey, U.S. risks losing edge", as the article state.

However we should keep in mind that Apple has Samsung manufacture their A5 processor (that runs the iPad) at Samsung's Texas fab.  Apple manufactures in Texas due to the need for a close interaction between Apple's R&D and the Fab development and manufacturing groups. Such eco systems of technologies are a very important part of the development, production, and product supply chain.

The US still has some good manufacturing fabs. Intel is a good example. Intel has been extending its lead in manufacturing since the HKMG 45nm process.
As the article mentions, the future of US semiconductors will be strengthened by the industry's joint development of 450mm wafer manufacturing. It is important for the USA to maintain their current position.

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  1. They must also consider some factors like their competitors in creating and pricing their products or they might surely loose their edge and risk their business.

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