Thursday, February 21, 2013

Next iPhone and iPad MicroProcessor

Soon Apple will introduce a new iPhone and iPad. Who will fabricate the new Apple processor?

Apple is drifting away from Samsung. TSMC is not close to an agreement with Apple. Apple will not shift from their own A processor design to an Intel processor since the A processor gives them unique performance advantages. Intel's growing focus on the tablet market increases their competition with Apple.

A discussion of what will be new on the new processor A7:

"1. Will .. die size plateaus at some point.
2.  Pixel count now stabilized last 2 generations .. added circuit horsepower driving improved performance
3.  Block count evolves..(IP acquisitions of the anobit or authentec) ..."

As I wrote on May 31, 2012, "there is a room for an overall personal computer hierarchy reorganization... Currently in PC/ Mac we have a microprocessor (with some fast DRAM memory) connected to long term storage in flash SSD or HDD.
There would be many benefits to adding a small flash NAND between the microprocessor and the long term storage."

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