Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ISSCC 2013: Memory, High-performance Digital, and Wireless trends

Solid State Technology published three articles summarizing ISSCC 2013  technology trends. They "see progressive scaling in embedded SRAM, DRAM, and floating-gate based Flash... However, due to the major scaling challenges...continued increase in the use of smart algorithms and error-correction techniques...we see logic processes adopting FinFET devices.

"The relentless march of process technology brings more integration and performance. IBM’s System z processor leads the charge at ISSCC 2013 clocking in at 5.7GHz and with 2.75B transistors."

"Data rates for modern wireless standards are increasing rapidly and this is evident from the trend of cellular standards.The data rate has increased 100X over the last decade and another 10X is projected in the next five years"

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