Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Samsung Advances Memory Storage eMMC to 1x-nm Process

Samsung unveiled a 64 gigabytes (GB) embedded multimedia card(eMMC) based on 10 nanometer (nm)process technology (see below). Earlier in August Samsung started "volume production of 128-gigabyte (GB) embedded NAND for next-generation smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, the company said Wednesday (Sept. 19). Samsung began production of the 128-GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC) Pro Class 1500 NAND in late August"

While the announcement of 10nm flash NAND is an important step, this is just an initial step in ramping up the process in the 1xx nm process. We should keep in mind that definition of 10nm class process is a bit loose. It probably just means that it uses a process in the 1x-nanometer class
Ron Maltiel

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Samsung Advances Memory Storage For Slim Smartphones & Tablets

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