Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Smartphone: MediaTek Overtaking Qulacomm

The increasing importance of emerging markets to the smartphone market is helping MediaTek to gain on Qualcomm in term of shipment volume as is discussed in the article below.

More on MediaTek growth (from January 2013) with the help of "Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE surged ahead of Apple.."

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Commentary: Qualcomm likely to be dethroned by MediaTek as the largest handset solution vendor

Cage Chao, Taipei; Steve Shen,  [Wednesday 24 July 2013]
With the planned release of LTE-enabled and 8-core SoCs in the fourth quarter of 2013, MediaTek will advance one-step further to beat venerable rival Qualcomm to become the world's largest supplier of smartphone solutions in terms of shipment volume.
Already taking up an over 50% of the solution market for the entry-level to mid-range smartphones in China and other emerging markets, the launch of LTE and 8-core CPUs will help ramp up MediaTek's share in the high-end smartphone solution market.
Additionally, the developments of application CPUs by Apple and Samsung Electronics, in-house for their high-end smartphones have worked to limit Qualcomm's growth potential in the high-end smartphone solution market as Apple and Samsung were previously the two major high-end smartphone solution clients for Qualcomm.
The outstanding performance-price ratio of MediaTeks' smartphone solutions combined with market proven records of China-based branded and white-box smartphone vendors to launch differentiated models by optimizing MediaTek solutions have enabled the Taiwan-based fabless IC house to push sales of its smartphone solutions to Sony Mobile Communications, LG Electronics and Motorola Mobility, and therefore further expanding its share in the global handset solution market.

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