Monday, March 2, 2015

ISSCC 2015 -Latest Circuits Innovations

Below are some highlights from 2015 " International Solid-State CircuitsConference once again served up a smorgasbord of silicon innovations."

It is interesting that while Samsung is continuing to develop 3D devices and processing on a single chip -

"Samsung described a second generation of its 128 Gbit 3-D NAND flash, a 3-bit/cell version with 32 layers now in production on a 68.9mm2 die. The Korean giant is ahead of the pack in dense flash and also is expected to beat TSMC to market with 14/16nm FinFET logic later this year, a fact that help it retain archrival Apple as a foundry customer."

ITRS and Intel focus on developing chip stacks - 

"Paolo Gargini who leads the ITRS semiconductor road map effort said chip stacks are today what high-K metal gate design was in 2007, the next big requirement for progress.

Intel fellow Mark Bohr disagreed. “We need vertical interconnects one or two orders of magnitude more dense than today’s through-silicon vias,” he said"

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Intel, Xilinx debate 3-D chip stacks
Rick Merritt  2/26/2015 10:42 AM EST 

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