Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update: Chromcast Use Marvell and Azurewave

Google Chromcast is a game changer for tv media delivery. based on FCC documents (see below) "Marvell DE3005 chip, plus Azurewave hardware to handle its (2Ghz only) WiFi duties"

More in depth evaluation of Chromcast (power needs, iOS support, local files viewing)

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Even though Google only announced its new Chromecast HDMI dongle earlier today, we got our first peek at it in May. That's when the mysterious H2G2-42 leaked in FCC documents, with few details other than the name referencing Douglas Adams' book. As Anandtech's Brian Klug points out, the documents have been updated, and now include a few pictures of the Chromecast with its external casing removed. Inside there's a Marvell DE3005 chip, plus Azurewave hardware to handle its (2Ghz only) WiFi duties. Hit the link below to take a look, although at the $35 sticker price you can probably afford to do an iSuppli-style teardown of your own.

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