Monday, May 18, 2015

Top Semiconductor Products & Sale

Micron has benefited from its timely acquisition of Elpida . The chart presents in a nice graphically way semiconductor manufacturers ranking by size and products.

One issue with this ranking is that SanDisk has a joint venture with Toshiba which produce all of its NAND chips. SanDisk has yearly revenue of about $6.5B , portion of which is all the flash NAND chips used to build their products. It would be interesting where a combined Toshiba / SanDisk rank would be in the chart.

More about SanDisk ranking in April 2011 blog Top 25 2011 Semiconductor Sales Ranking

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Micron Climbs to Fifth in Chip Manufacturing Market

Published: May 15,2015
Global Top-10 Chip Manufacturer Revenue Ranking in 2014(Source: Respective companies, compiled by MIC, May 2015)
According to MIC, Micron has emerged as the fifth largest chip manufacturer in the world. In 2014, Micron earned US$16.4 billion and climbed all the way from tenth to fifth place, only next to Intel, Samsung, TSMC and Qualcomm."Micron has been highly engaged in M&A activities and strategic alliances over the past years. Those two approaches, though not new, have been able to help Micron obtain the most outcomes such as increased sales and profitability," says Hui-Chung Tu, industry analyst with MIC.
Micron's ability to spot good investment timing is another factor determining its success. Among all, perhaps the most noteworthy deployment of Micron is its deployment in DRAM. Micron has witnessed a strong uptake in DRAM and NAND flash businesses with its annual revenue breaking US$14 billion.
This has helped Micron land in top-five semiconductor vendors, next to Intel, Samsung, TSMC and Qualcomm. While the growth momentum continued well into 2014, Micron is expected to continue to cling to the fifth spot in 2015, as the global economy is showing promising signs.

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