Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cavium Buys QLogic (Storage, Networking Merger)

Another semiconductor merger

"Cavium Inc. will take on Broadcom, Intel and Mellanox in storage and networking with its billion-dollar acquisition of Qlogic Corp. The deal teams one of the semiconductor’s fastest growing companies with one just starting to emerge from a decline.

The acquisition adds Qlogic’s Fibre Channel and Ethernet controllers and boards to Cavium’s line up of communications, security and general-purpose processors, positioning Cavium as more of a full-line supplier to data centers. "

Other developments in networking chips-  Stanford Professor’s Startup Plans Novel Networking Chips.

Additional information on recent semiconductor mergers and acquisitions and China efforts- Update:China 2015/2016 Semiconductor Mergers, Acquisitions

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Cavium Buys QLogic for $1B

Deal expands vendor of data center chips
6/15/2016 07:15 PM EDT 

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